Baby’s First Night in the ICU

…and hopefully the last. So this happened. **Spoiler Alert** It wasn’t nearly as serious as the title may suggest, and as of Thursday, March 24th, Noe has made a full recovery and is back to his normal self. Because we live […]

Naga View

Noe seems to have strange fixation on the sunrise, as he wakes Lori up right about then every morning to feed. Can’t say I blame him.   It’s been too long since we visited our beloved “Baby Lady” restaurant and […]

Sunday Fun-Day

Saturday was all about getting stuff done. A visit to ITECC mall to get some lightbulbs and other odds and ends was in order. We were having some unusual weather — overcast and considerably cooler than it had been, and wondered […]

A Vientiane Visitor Guide

Our favorite sights, food, and hotels for visitors, along with practical tips on how to get the most out of your visit, based on our own life, work and travel experiences in Vientiane.

Endless Summer

We had something of a “heat wave” this past week. Temperatures soared to the mid to upper 90s (F). Sounds more dramatic than it actually was. When it’s regularly hitting the upper 80s over several weeks, a jump to the mid-90s […]

Daily Life, 27 Jan – 8 Feb

Friday morning at the French Clinic. Nope, Lori’s not trying out new DME (Durable Medical Equipment) for work. While running down a very good road at sunrise, her heel landed on an errant rock…


Up early at 6am to catch tak bat, the almsgiving for which Luang Prabang is famous. Despite having visited Luang Prabang since moving to Laos in September, this is our first time up to see tak…

Bamboo Bridges

Monday morning in Luang Prabang with family and friends. Miraculously, we beat the retirees to breakfast. Not sure how that happened with the babe, but it happened. A good morning to be up early…