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Photo: Aerial view of Punta Gorda town, looking north (BlueBelize.com)

In true AwayGoWe.com fashion, we’re a bit late commemorating our half-way point in Belize (only by a little over a month, which is about par for the course).

The exact half-way date will depend on outgoing plane tickets, but we celebrated six months in-country on Valentines Day, February 14th. We didn’t do much to mark the occasion at the time. I think we were on our way to Mexico with Lori’s parents. Nevertheless, that milestone came and went and we find ourselves looking out over the other side waiting to see what the next adventure will bring. Lori’s already signed on her successor, and we’re already talking of the transition in five months, which makes it all feel a bit more real, and time here seem all the more finite. Fortunately, as time passes, some things don’t change:

August 2013: First weekend in the “Homestead,” our first home in Belize (Eldridgeville)


March 2014: Midday in the hot and dry season in Forest Home, Belize

To mark the occasion, here’s a look back at the past seven months in Belize on AwayGoWe.com:

28 Aug 2013 — BELIZE: The Belize Move
06 Sep 2013 — BELIZE: Caye Caulker
14 Sep 2013 — BELIZE: First Month
16 Sep 2013 — BELIZE: The Cow that Laughs and Smiles
01 Oct 2013 — BELIZE: Birthday Weekend on Tabacco Caye
05 Oct 2013 — BELIZE: Ode to the Homestead
08 Oct 2013 — BELIZE: The New House
23 Oct 2013 — GUATEMALA: Livingston
14 Dec 2013 — BELIZE: Cultural Day
14 Jan 2014 — BELIZE: Garifuna Settlement Week
16 Jan 2014 — BELIZE: Lime Caye
25 Jan 2014 — BELIZE & GUATEMALA: Holiday Travel
28 Jan 2014 — BELIZE: Fun on the Northern Highway
30 Jan 2014 — BELIZE: San Pedro
02 Feb 2014 — BELIZE: Caye Caulker II
07 Mar 2014 — MEXICO: Yucatan Trip
08 Mar 2014 — MEXICO: The Yellow City of Izamal
10 Mar 2014 — MEXICO: Chichen Itza
14 Mar 2014 — MEXICO: Cancun
16 Mar 2014 — BELIZE: San Ignacio
21 Mar 2014 — MEXICO: Cristalino Cenote

In other news, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been extremely delinquent in posting photos of where we actually live. It’s not that it isn’t interesting or there’s nothing to post about. Yet, with a backlog of adventures, a quickly growing vault of photos to share and sort of the complacency that comes with living somewhere for an extended period of time, Punta Gorda, Forest Home and Southern Belize in general seems to get bumped. Embarrassingly enough, I admit I don’t have many photos of PG, though I’m hoping that will change with a fresh set of visitors and the dry season upon us.

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In the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to seeing those posts here on AwayGoWe.com, plus 1) the rest of our recent travel with family (Belize & Guatemala with Lori’s brother and Belize & Mexico with Lori’s parents), 2) more from 2012’s big trip to Asia, 3) more of our adventures — past/present/future — here in Belize, and 4) possibly reaching deeper into the vault to finally finish posting about our Peru & Ecuador, Uganda and Kenya, and Southern Africa. Given that 2014 is the tenth anniversary of arriving in Mozambique as a Peace Corps volunteer, you might see some resurrected posts from that time period. Stay tuned!

View of Punta Gorda from Cattle Landing
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