Vang Vieng Weekend

We’re definitely overdue for some Vang Vieng time. Following a couple of failed attempts we’re finally back in this amazingly beautiful and seductive place.

Vientiane House

This June 22nd, we will have been living in Laos for nine months — and our lovely Lao home for eight of those months. Yet, in that time, we haven’t really talked about the house — or our neighborhood for […]

Bangkok Birthday

I’ve found myself in some fun places on my birthday over the years, but Bangkok tops the list. It really is a fun and amazing place to visit, well beyond the backpacker ghetto of Khaosan Road. And a great place to celebrate another trip around the sun!

The Grand Palace

On our second day in Bangkok, we figured it was time to check out the Grand Palace, locally known as Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang (just rolls off the tongue!).

Return of the Monsoon

When the rains came, they came with a fury. It rained intermittently throughout the weekend, and then for three straight days with literally no break. Our dry, dusty neighborhood turned to mush, and our freshly weeded and trimmed yard quickly […]