End of Buddhist Lent

The full moon of the eleventh lunar month marks the end of the Rains retreat, when monks emerge from monastery and light spills out onto rivers and doorsteps.


What can US$50 get you in the Green Season in Laos? Both, much more than you’d expect, and exactly what you’d expect.

A New Beginning

Noe tries out a new daycare after a three-month hiatus, and we inadvertently crash a fashion fundraising event at one of Lao’s finest restaurants.

Dazed & Confused

Back in Laos, Noe and I are up at sunrise following a harrowing night chasing elusive z’s — merely the first of several, it turns out.

Seoul Stopover

Three zombies roam the streets of Seoul on a 12-hour layover with three objectives: Stay awake, meet an old friend, and make it out before nuclear Armageddon.