Vang Vieng Weekend

We’re definitely overdue for some Vang Vieng time. Following a couple of failed attempts we’re finally back in this amazingly beautiful and seductive place.

Return of the Monsoon

When the rains came, they came with a fury. It rained intermittently throughout the weekend, and then for three straight days with literally no break. Our dry, dusty neighborhood turned to mush, and our freshly weeded and trimmed yard quickly […]

Eleven Months Old

Noe just turned eleven months old this past May 21st, which means he’s mere weeks away from being A ONE-YEAR-OLD! And consequently, mere weeks away from officially becoming a toddler.

Daily Life, 1-8 May

The first week of May was about the most fun and relaxing we’ve had in a while here in Vientiane. The weather’s been brutally hot over the past week, but we know that the wet season is just around the […]

Nathe Village & Casino Roy-Lao

We spent the May Day holiday weekend here in Laos, only about 15 miles (as the crow flies) from our house, but a whole other world from central Vientiane. This is what we missed about Laos when we were trying […]

River Time

Lori and I decided it was time to get back to Rivertime Ecolodge and Resort to expel the bad juju of our last visit and have ourselves a relaxing weekend on the river — and there are few places we […]

Daily Life, 20-28 April

We had about ten days between the end of the Pi Mai holiday and the May Day/ Worker’s Day/ Labor Day holiday weekend to relax at home and spend some time in Vientiane. Well, relax, I suppose is a relative term […]