One Year Old!

Not quite walking yet, Noe seems to think he’s much older than his 12 months may suggest, and has the hutzpah to prove it. He’s beginning to want to do everything that older kids are doing and isn’t content for […]

Vientiane House

This June 22nd, we will have been living in Laos for nine months — and our lovely Lao home for eight of those months. Yet, in that time, we haven’t really talked about the house — or our neighborhood for […]

Daily Life, 1-11 June

A therapy-inducing mall experience, Noe’s Houdini-inspired antics, a date night, and the long-anticipated reveal of what Noe eats and where we get it from!

Vang Vieng Weekend

We’re definitely overdue for some Vang Vieng time. Following a couple of failed attempts we’re finally back in this amazingly beautiful and seductive place.