River Time

Lori and I decided it was time to get back to Rivertime Ecolodge and Resort to expel the bad juju of our last visit and have ourselves a relaxing weekend on the river — and there are few places we […]

Daily Life, 20-28 April

We had about ten days between the end of the Pi Mai holiday and the May Day/ Worker’s Day/ Labor Day holiday weekend to relax at home and spend some time in Vientiane. Well, relax, I suppose is a relative term […]

Noe’s 10th Month

Well, it’s official. The Mister is quickly becoming a little boy right before our very eyes. No longer content to be catered to, he wants to do everything himself.

Bathing the Buddhas, Strolling the Strip

Noe was nursing a hangover, so we decided to stay close today. The plan is to walk around the French colonial section of Thakhek, then do the cave circuit just outside of town heading east along Road 12. We’ll see […]

Farewell 2559!

Yep, it’s the last day of 2559! Hard to believe it’s almost 2560. Time sure flies. We’re spending the last day of the year in and around Konglor Village. It’s supposed to be a hot one, so the plan is to […]

Rave at the Cave

Racing through 7 km-long Konglor Cave on a longtail boat was one of the highlights of our motorbiking adventure around Central Laos in 2012, so we were very excited to have the chance to relive the experience in 2017. But […]

Lao New Year in Konglor Village

Sabaidee Pi Mai! It’s Pi Mai time in Laos! That festive time of year when the temps and crime soars, beer and water flow unrestrained, social mores are cast aside, and expats attempt to flee Vientiane in droves. Pi Mai, also […]

Daily Life, 1-9 April

It’s Pi Mai season in Laos! Pi Mai (known as Songkran in Thailand) is Lao New Year — the biggest and most widely-celebrated festival in all of Laos! It also coincides with the hottest time of year here in Laos, […]