Return of the Monsoon

When the rains came, they came with a fury. It rained intermittently throughout the weekend, and then for three straight days with literally no break. Our dry, dusty neighborhood turned to mush, and our freshly weeded and trimmed yard quickly […]

Eleven Months Old

Noe just turned eleven months old this past May 21st, which means he’s mere weeks away from being A ONE-YEAR-OLD! And consequently, mere weeks away from officially becoming a toddler.

Daily Life, 1-8 May

The first week of May was about the most fun and relaxing we’ve had in a while here in Vientiane. The weather’s been brutally hot over the past week, but we know that the wet season is just around the […]

Nathe Village & Casino Roy-Lao

We spent the May Day holiday weekend here in Laos, only about 15 miles (as the crow flies) from our house, but a whole other world from central Vientiane. This is what we missed about Laos when we were trying […]

River Time

Lori and I decided it was time to get back to Rivertime Ecolodge and Resort to expel the bad juju of our last visit and have ourselves a relaxing weekend on the river — and there are few places we […]

Daily Life, 20-28 April

We had about ten days between the end of the Pi Mai holiday and the May Day/ Worker’s Day/ Labor Day holiday weekend to relax at home and spend some time in Vientiane. Well, relax, I suppose is a relative term […]

Noe’s 10th Month

Well, it’s official. The Mister is quickly becoming a little boy right before our very eyes. No longer content to be catered to, he wants to do everything himself.

Bathing the Buddhas, Strolling the Strip

Noe was nursing a hangover, so we decided to stay close today. The plan is to walk around the French colonial section of Thakhek, then do the cave circuit just outside of town heading east along Road 12. We’ll see […]