Luang Prabang, Laos

Visiting Luang Prabang? Wondering where to begin?

Here, you’ll find all our published Luang Prabang articles and dispatches, along with tips and resources — like what to bring and where to stay in Luang Prabang — to inspire and help you plan your next visit to this truly remarkable UNESCO World Heritage town in Northern Laos.

Our First Visit (2012)

Slow Boat to Luang Prabang

Two days traveling like the locals on one of the world’s great waterways.

Luang Prabang (i)

Getting acquainted with this charming and historical UNESCO town.

Luang Prabang (ii)

Taking a local boat across the Mekong in search of a mysterious cave full of Buddha statues in the jungle.

Tak Bat (Monks’ Call to Alms)

Can the early morning Buddhist ritual that put Luang Prabang on the tourist map be saved?

Return to Luang Prabang (2016)

A Gloomy Day, Indeed

Confronting a heavy rainstorm and a gut-wrenching turn of events on our first visit back to Luang Prabang in four years.

Daddy Days in Luang Prabang

Reacquainting myself with this charming UNESCO gem with a four-month-old in tow.

Return to Phu Si Hill

Taking a lesser-known route up Luang Prabang’s sacred central hill for a commanding view of the Old Town.

North Bank

Spending some quality time on Luang Prabang’s lesser-visited north side of the Mekong.

Return with Family (2017)

Luang Prabang: Dry Season & Visitors

We fly 30 minutes north with family to explore Laos’ most popular tourist destination.

Day on the Mekong

We hire a local boat to take us up the Mekong to explore sacred caves in limestone cliffs.

Bamboo Bridges

Braving Luang Prabang’s seasonal bamboo bridges for happy hour, and just for the fun of it..


Taking in the morning fog and one more trip across the Mekong on our last morning in Luang Prabang for a while.

Where to Stay in Luang Prabang

Sala Prabang

In 2017, we stayed at Sala Prabang, right on the Mekong in the center of Old Town and 100% recommend this great mid-range lodging option!

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Symoungkoun Guesthouse

For budget travelers, this is an excellent option in a quieter area of the UNESCO quarter. We enjoyed our stay here in 2012.

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Getting to Luang Prabang

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Recommended Gear

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

My solid and reliable headlamp for exploring caves and finding the bathroom at night.

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ErgoBaby 360 Cool Mesh

Our own field-tested and highly recommended ergonomic baby carrier.

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Earth Pak Dry Bag

A life saver for travel in the rainy tropics, at the beach, or on the water.

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Hire a Local Guide or Book a Tour

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Our Recommended Travel Guide

Guide Book of Choice: Lonely Planet Laos

(Tip: This is by far the best guide out there right now…BUT…if you’re not traveling until after June, LP’s releasing a brand new edition on June 20, 2017. Pre-Order the new version now.)

Culture Shock! Laos by Robert Cooper

Where We Stayed:

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