Peace Corps Moz, 10 Years On (No. 1)

Staging in Philadelphia: “Moz-8” (The 8th group of Peace Corps Volunteers in Moz)

2014 marks ten years since I signed up for the Peace Corps and was shipped off to the relatively obscure Southern African country of Mozambique. The anniversary had not occurred to me until Pete, an RPCV from our group, posted a bunch of photos on Facebook earlier in the year from our first few months in country. To mark the occasion, I’m resurrecting my Blogspot posts and photos from that time and reposting here.


October 5, 2004 — Johannesburg, South Africa

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you all know I made it safely to South Africa…we had a good staging in Philly. We have 31 volunteer trainees for Mozambique, group 8 and all of them seem like really incredible, fun, and cool people. We just got done with our 17-hour flight from JFK in NYC, stopped quickly in Senegal, and then arrived here not too long ago (in Johannesburg). Tomorrow we go to Maputo (cap city of Moz). Everyone keeps telling us this is by far THE best Peace Corps program to be in and Mauritania, South Africa, and Malawi have nothing on us largely because of the danger levels (it’s actually far more dangerous for volunteers in South Africa than Mozambique…believe it or not). But of course there are still dangers and risks.. Anyway, we’re all going to go out and eat (we’re not allowed out of the hotel here in J’burg due to safety issues) but tomorrow we leave for what people around here call the “real” Africa. Nine more vaccinations and lots of moving around await us…we’ll be staying in a bed and breakfast for three nights, and then sent to live with our host families who are all apparently very anxious to meet us. Well, that’s all for now, I will write more later…

Disembarking at Johannesburg International Airport (now known as O.R. Tambo)
Tobacco Caye II
Punta Gorda
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