Interrorem Cabin (i)

We took a drive up to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to spend the weekend in the woods in a rustic cabin with TERROR for a middle name (Interrorem). We managed somehow over two nights to avoid being stalked by Sasquatch or harassed by forest-dwelling gnomes […]

Usambara Mountains

Photo Essay: The people and scenic beauty of the Usambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania — a preview of our 4-day, 40+ mile trek through this unique and remote corner of the world.

Motorbiking ‘The Loop’ (Day 2) Thalang to Nahin

On Day Two of our Khammouane Loop motorbiking adventure in Laos we ride from Tha Lang to Nahin via Laksao, covering some of the most remote, rugged and unforgiving roads Laos has to offer.

Motorbiking ‘The Loop’ (Day 1) Thakhek to Thalang

So, how crazy do you have to be to attempt the Khammouane Loop (a.k.a. Thakhek Loop) in central Laos? I suppose that depends on your definition of crazy.