One Year Old!

Not quite walking yet, Noe seems to think he’s much older than his 12 months may suggest, and has the hutzpah to prove it. He’s beginning to want to do everything that older kids are doing and isn’t content for […]

Eleven Months Old

Noe just turned eleven months old this past May 21st, which means he’s mere weeks away from being A ONE-YEAR-OLD! And consequently, mere weeks away from officially becoming a toddler.

Noe’s 10th Month

Well, it’s official. The Mister is quickly becoming a little boy right before our very eyes. No longer content to be catered to, he wants to do everything himself.

Three Months with Noe

12 October 2016: About three weeks overdue, but here it is — the post you’ve all been waiting for — Noe’s three-month post! That means we’re working from 8/21 to 9/21 so no pics from Laos here (sorry!). But some […]