Photo Essay

Usambara Mountains

Photo Essay: The people and scenic beauty of the Usambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania — a preview of our 4-day, 40+ mile trek through this unique and remote corner of the world.

Begun in 1558, St. Sebastian (São Sebastião) fort is the oldest complete fort in sub-Saharan Africa. Here, the Our Lady of the Stronghold (Nossa Senhora de Baluarte) chapel, is considered the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere!

St. Sebastian Fort

A photo essay covering our exploration of the oldest standing fort in sub-Saharan Africa — Fortim de São Sebastião (St. Sebastian Fort) on a gorgeous day against a stunning backdrop.

The Bosphorus is the waterway separating the European and Asian sides of the sprawling city of Istanbul.

Istanbul: Boat up the Bosphorus

We take a public ferry up the Bosphorus, the 17-mile strait separating Europe and Asia and linking the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.