Welcoming the Monkey at Lan Su

Happy Year of the Monkey! This month marks one year in Portland for us, and our second Chinese New Years celebration at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. As I explained in our last post looking back at our 2015 visits to Portland’s Chinese […]

One Year of Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden

I’m not sure exactly how I first learned of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden that is Lan Su. Neither family nor friends living in the Portland area knew of the place and Lori and I hadn’t ever heard of anyone talk about […]

San Diego: Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Pt. Loma

The last day of our “Babymoon” California coast road trip began in San Diego and ended 200 miles and 4,000 feet in elevation on the summit of the notorious Grapevine, covering 95% of the mileage after sunset. It would have been a […]

Mission Carmel

Beautiful and evocative Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, or Mission Carmel for short, stands as a testament to the ambitious and harrowing early days of European settlement in Alta (Upper) California. Neglected for decades, yet largely restored to its original state, Mission Carmel was […]