Usambara Mountains

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Jumping forward a bit (we’ll return to Mozambique shortly), we completed a four-day trek in the Western Usambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania in mid-November and it was phenomenal. Here is a collection of photos from our time making our way on foot through this very special place. I’ll post the entire four-day series with complete back-story and description soon, but wanted to get these out there sooner.

The Usambara is home to over half a million Shambaa people and truly a world apart, largely removed from the conveniences (and trappings) of the outside world. The trek covered 40+ miles over four days (and four nights), and varied in elevation between 5,000 and 7,000 feet. We started in Lushoto and ended in Mambo, stopping for the night in the villages of Lukozi, Rangwi and Mambo (two nights).

** REMEMBER to click on the i in the top-left corner of the slideshow to turn on photo captions **

By the way, if you find yourself in Northern Tanzania for an extended period of time, we’d highly recommend our guide, Said Salim, who came highly recommended to us. Besides being an excellent guide and good guy, his treks are unique and very good value for the money.

More to come!


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