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Finally, after many months, our new site is off and running!

Lori and I have moved out of Blogspot and into our own digs!  With all of the positive feedback we’ve received from our travel blog and the amount of traveling we see ourselves doing over the next several years, we wanted to establish a more user-friendly, engaging, and interactive platform for sharing our adventures and staying in contact with friends and loved ones.

This new platform also makes it much easier and far less time consuming to post, and with both our busy schedules we’re hoping that will mean more frequent posting. Afterall, we still have tons of photos and stories to share from our Peru and Ecuador travels, and my research in Uganda last year.

We’d also like to use this site as an archive, not only for past travels, but for our experiences with travel gear, restaurants and accommodations.

A couple of new features we’d like to point out (top to bottom):

Menu Bar :: Navigate pages from here to learn more about the site and us (About), view an interactive Travel Map, explore more of our travel photography featured here (coming soon), and read our thoughts and experiences with Travel Gear, hostels, and more.

Social Networking :: Post any page or post directly to Facebook, Digg, Twitter or save as a Favorite/Bookmark.

Category Bar :: Navigate through our archive of posts by Country or Region.

Post Slideshow :: At the top of the home page, you may have noticed a large photo with small photos below it. This slide show rotates about every 6 seconds highlighting featured posts, old and new. Visit these posts by clicking on the thumbnail and then the title.

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Most Recent Posts :: Below the slideshow section is a listing of the most recent posts.

Side Bar :: Follow :: Never miss a post! Sign up to receive email notifications each time we create a new post. Don’t forget to verify yourself through the link sent to your email box.

Side Bar :: Search Posts :: Search ALL posts with a keyword or phrase (e.g. ‘beach’ or ‘Peru food’).

Side Bar :: Archives :: Explore posts by Month/Year

Side Bar :: Countries & Regions :: Same as the Category Bar, pulls up all posts for a specific country or region.

Side Bar :: Tags :: Pulls up all posts related to a particular town or keyword.

So there you have it. Please, take a moment to look around and get acquainted with the all new

Thanks for visiting!

David & Lori

Lamu 2: Shela
Stunning Malealea
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